Boards matchmaking

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Boards matchmaking

And make me a perfect match -Fiddler on the Roof, Many nonprofit organizations dream of having a board matchmaker at its disposal. Someone who can magically help a nonprofit find the ideal candidates to join its board—candidates who can fill distinct needs and provide particular types of support.

But making that perfect match often eludes many nonprofits, primarily because of a missed connection between where the organization is in its evolution and what kind of board can be the most helpful.

An important step is to define where your organization is in its development and building a board that fits that phase. In my experience, there are at least four stages in the life of a nonprofit, each requiring a different type of board.

These individuals generously give both their time and energy to do whatever it takes to get the organization up and running, blurring the lines between employee and volunteer. You might see them purchasing and planting flowers for their community garden nonprofit, or acting, directing, and ushering as part of the local theatre group.

Very entrepreneurial, hands-on, and task-oriented, these boards provide the greatest value through their sweat equity. Looking for Strong Board Members? While volunteers may be reluctant to give up control, they also are aware of needed change if they have transitioned into this stage.

Boards matchmaking

Consequently, board members with more diverse and professional expertise may be needed i. While a volunteer board remains critical to maintaining stable operations, financial contributions to the organization assume new importance.

Forced to think about its evolving future, an effective board accepts the responsibility of investing in staff as it makes critical choices about control, operations, money, and mission impact.

Based on my experience, these board members are energized by growing an organization and value professionalism.

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More generous financially, too, the board members accept that fundraising is a formal and growing part of their responsibility. Working via committees to make a measurable difference, the board trusts management to oversee daily operations but often still engages in programmatic discussions.

Committee work can leverage board experience in functional areas like marketing and public relations, community outreach, governance, and finance.

At some point during this stage, strategic planning inevitably becomes a priority that engages both board and staff. Board meetings are less frequent and agendas are focused on higher level strategic issues, assuming a more corporate governance approach.

Processes and policies are formalized and streamlined; there may even be several different boards Directors, Trustees, Overseers, etc. In addition to playing key roles in fundraising endowment, capital campaigns and financial management investment, capitalization, risk managementthese boards focus on key areas like information technology and diversity awareness, as well as strategic and ethical decision making.

Both board and management teams tend to be more experienced, professionalized, and sophisticated, as board members at this stage view their roles as strategic advisors, ambassadors, fundraisers, and fiduciary guardians. So, what does all this mean? The four stages and effective board profiles offered above are by no means definitive.Jan 05,  · Niranjeni - Profile name on Arab Matchmaking.

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Boards matchmaking
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